Hi! I’m Larissa Davidova, an indie game developer. On this website you can find some info about my games, released or in development. You can find information about me and my CV in the About me section.

Cyberflow is a sci-fi themed 3D arcade for mobile platforms. Classic cyberpunk feel and controls created specifically for touch screen make it original, challenging, and fun.

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Inner Wounds is a multiplayer Action RPG in development with a focus on team cooperation. The players are invited to restore balance to the world of dreams and reveal its true influence on the world of reality.

Fractalify is a web app that allows creating beautiful fractal images in a matter of seconds. It is currently in development but an alpha version is available.

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A tool for graphic designers that generates custom halftone patterns or gradients as vector or raster images. Useful for creating UI elements and backgrounds for websites.

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HalftonePro is a tool for graphic designers that creates halftone patterns from image with custom shapes, grids and gradients. The resulting patterns can be saved as SVG or PNG.

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Crosspoll is an app for creating opinion polls. Its main feature is the ability to compare votes from different audiences on the same topic.

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