Fractalify is a web app that allows to create beautiful fractals in a matter of seconds. Its purpose is mainly entertainment but perhaps the results could be useful to designers and artists. There are several pre-programmed rules for the creation of fractals, more will be available with the full release. The app is still in development, but an early Alpha version is available right now.

Try Fractalify Alpha

How to use Fractalify Alpha
  • Draw a shape, the simpler the better (you can pick the line and background color in the “Draw” menu)
  • From the Fractallize menu select the fractal type and drag the mouse over the shape you drew
  • Each time you drag your mouse over the shape it adds one fractal generation

The Alpha version is pretty raw and there are some known issues I’m currently working on:

Alpha Known Issues
  • NOT mobile friendly – mobile/touch screen version is still unavailable
  • Saved images need to be manually renamed to a file with a .png extension
  • Zooming in and out can lead to unpredictable results